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The Thirties Celebrates the Yvette Brinson Foundation

The Thirties has always been a company that was for the greater good through serving.

It is for that reason, and the importance of family, that managing director and co-founder Dre Marshall got involved with Yvette Brinson Foundation - a Colòn, Panama based organization named after his aunt.

"What makes the foundation important to me, is the mission, and the goal," says Marshall. "Our family is from Panama, my cousins, our parents are from Panama, and we never had a connection besides stories."

The foundation was established in the memory of and to continue the legacy of my Yvette Machado Brinson. She had a heart to serve and help meet the needs of people. Before her passing, she wanted to get home and do amazing work to build up the children of Panama - especially the young girls and women.

Marshall counts his involvement as "divine", a chapter in his own personal journey, as he puts it, "to work on myself". He went to Panama and while connecting with his roots, found out that a foundation was created and dedicated to Brinson. He did some digging and researching, and finally connected with the people responsible so that he could bridge the gap to get his family involved.

There is a huge work to do and Marshall is excited to be part of it: "I think to be able to serve a community where your roots are is an honor and a privilege. To see how this foundation has united people from America to people in Panama with the same vision has been outstanding."

For more information on the organization, donations to its first Christmas Toy Drive, and how you can help, call (305) 487-1026 or email

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