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A Day of Service for The Thirties & The Recording Academy

Today is the New York Chapter of The Recording Academy celebrated the power of its member community through its Day of Service. As a member of the New York Chapter, The Thirties' own, Andre Mullen, participated in giving time back to the community. In this case, he visited P.S./M.S. 147 - The Ronald McNair School in the Cambria Heights section of Queens, New York, to speak to the students there about The Recording Academy, as well as his 30 year career in the music industry and his current role with The Thirties.

"Speaking with the students about the music industry is always a privilege," says Andre, "and giving them insight to understand that the music industry is more than just production, songwriting, and being an artist provides good balance."

Many of the students were very excited to know that there was an organization like The Recording Academy that really helped songwriters and composers. One of the students, Hailey Seepersaud, said, "I'm going to look at The GRAMMYs totally different now knowing that The Recording Academy really created it to celebrate the work of composers and songwriters." Another student, Richard Beckford, said, "Man! Now I see why artists make such a big deal about winning a GRAMMY."

P.S./M.S.147 principal, Afua Hill loved the students' enthusiasm: "It's great to see children enjoying learning new things. Music is something that we all relate to and for them to hear that they can be part of it from another angle and perspective is wonderful." Assistant principal LaKeisha Riggins agreed: "The students saw a different side of the music industry today - one that gives them something to strive for and consider being a part of."

Members of The Recording Academy across the Chapter region - Connecticut, Eastern Canada, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Western Europe - will give back and volunteer their time and skills to their local communities.

Check out the pictures below from The Thirties Day of Service!

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