Dre Marshall

Artist | Producer | Songwriter
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Dre Marshall, the Panamanian-American co-founder, songwriter, and producer of the music company, The Thirties, understands music. Having started his career as an artist, Marshall has always presented his unique brand of hip-hop unashamedly. With his latest single, Hustle Sold Separately, Marshall gets on a soapbox to give the listener his take on what it takes to make it.


Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Andre “Dre” Marshall saw the diligence and drive needed for the music industry from his mother who was an upcoming artist herself. Fast forward and Dre Marshall finds himself in Daytona Beach, Florida, growing not only as an artist, but also learning the good, the bad, and the ugly of the music industry in the process. While in Florida, Marshall teams up with Breyan Isaac, an up and coming producer, who, like Marshall is from the Northeast. The two forged a friendship and a partnership, and The Thirties was born.


Even in his role as executive, Marshall has not hung up his mic. Moved by inspiration and truth, Marshall continues to deliver music that he believes is honest and thought provoking. As he continues to navigate the music industry as an executive, Marshall shows that his creative prowess as an artist remains intact and on point.